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Top Selling Tips

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Clever and effective preparation can be the difference between obtaining a standard price and achieving an excellent price. This can all be done quite easily with a little attention to the minor details. It is not time consuming or expensive, all you have to do is follow some simple tips. Selling your home need not be as stressful as you think, the following points will help you secure a satisfactory sale.

  1. Get the timing Right! Experience and evidence show the busiest times are generally February to May and September to December.
    The approximate time to sell a property that is accurately priced and in a good location will typically vary between six weeks to three months. It is always advisable to allow yourself two weeks prior to releasing the property onto the open market to prepare the property so as that it is looking its best.
  2. Kerb Appeal: Kerb appeal is a critical factor in achieving the highest possible price. A poorly presented property or a property that appears neglected instantly stirs negative feeling in the potential buyer. Does the property need to be painted? To ensure the lawn is mowed and all rubbish has been disposed of is vitally important.
  3. Instant Appeal Internally:
    • Spending a few hundred euro ‘sprucing up’ the property can make an extra special difference to the saleability of the property resulting in an increased sale price.
    • Declutter: space appearance needs to be maximised to achieve a bright and airy feeling. Too much furniture or personal belongings make the space feel cluttered.
    • Replacing broken light bulbs and filling any holes or cracks in the walls is essential.
    • Ensuring the house is cleaned thoroughly prior to viewing appointments. Animal smells are an instant turn off for potential purchasers so it is important to have the house aired and odour free.
  4. Add a few finishing touches:
    • Scented candles add a nice touch to any home
    • Flowers on the dining table are instantly appealing.
    • Lamps light throughout the house adds that extra special homely touch.
    • Give your bedrooms that show house look with particular attention to the dressing of the bed. A few cushions or a throw can create an instant appealing factor to the buyer. It’s so easily done with very little cost.
    • If it is cold outside, try to have the heating on and if it is warm outside, leave some windows open.
  5. Family Pets: If you have a dog or family pet it is important to have a neighbour or friend remove the pet from the property for the time that viewing is in operation. This will eliminate any problems with potential viewers having fears of certain pets etc.
  6. Vacate the Property: Many realtors and potential buyers would prefer that the seller not be present during a viewing to avoid limiting the buyers’ conversation or making them feel uncomfortable. Children and pets should also be absent.
  7. Lights! In addition to brighter light bulbs, open all curtains, shades and blinds. Leave all lights turned on before and during the viewing. The additional light makes the rooms look larger and more open.
  8. First Impressions last: Remember that the first time viewing of a property for a potential purchaser is the most important. Do your property justice by following the above helpful tips to further enhance the saleability of your property giving it the best possible chance to achieve the best price at the time.

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